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We offer solutions for businesses and individuals who are ready to start their first steps. We call that the Alpha Phase.

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We are driven to produce more people and businesses who are doing what they love and have a defined brand that sells and grows.

  • Business Growth
  • Customer Service
  • Brainstorming
  • Growth Tips
  • Customer/Data Acquisition
  • Organization

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Business Growth
Customer Service
Growth Tips
Customer/Data Acquisition

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You have survived the roughest moments of your life. It is in you to make a difference. Do not procrastinate your start because you think your idea is small. Believe God to send you the right team and build, build, build. Follow our team on Instagram @alpha_phase. We share ideas and encouragement to get you through the Alpha Phase.

Our Businesses

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"We launched this year and have been successful at festivals in the local area. We have enjoyed all of the love and support that we have gotten. Most of all, we have enjoyed meeting new customers."

Contact us anytime and follow us on Instagram. @Cleva.Color.

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There is enough room at the table for all of us to eat.

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7161 Amberly Way Drive, Cordova,TN USA


Phone: +19012064644

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